Hello I'm Charlotte.

I design and build bespoke websites, consult on innovative design solutions and help brands understand their customers with the latest UX research methods and strategies.

Below are some of my recent projects.

Webshop for Total Health Cafe

Total Health Cafe

Wordpress built with WooCommerce. Visit Site

Website for The Harbour Project

The Harbour Project

Wordpress built and code tweaked. Visit Site

Website for The Hydrotherapy Pool

Thamesdown Hydrotherapy Pool

Built with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Visit Site

UX Case Studies

Charlotte UX Space

Built with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Visit Site

What would you like to know about me?

I'm an honest, good human.

I can do a lot of stuff, 20 years in the digital sphere.

I am still learning, I have a recent Masters in UX Design.

I care about the future, ethical design not dark patterns!

I know everyone has their own story and try to be mindful of that.

I love the air on my face - If all else fails go for a walk.

If you are still reading, get in touch and let's start our journey.